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Phal. speciosa red x blue Den. lamyaiae Phal. (KS Diamond Beauty x LD’s Bear Queen)'Miro' Den. moniliforme 'Hakuunryu' Phal. Red Jaguar "Joy" Neofinetia falcata 'Nangokunomai' Phal. Ya-Yi Qin x AL Sun Tiger OD#1 Rlc. Amazing Thailand Paph. charlesworthii V. Bitz's Heartthrob Phal. Zheng Min Peach Neofinetia falcata 'Gokuki' Onc. Kutoo CT-Little Cherry Phal. (gigantea-Tainan’s Ambonan) 'Eddy' V. denisoniana x Mimi Palmer Den. moniliforme 'Hakuryou' V. coerulea blue x Manuvadee Phal. Jong's Gigan Cherry x gigantea alba Phal. Palace Reef x Zheng Min Gemini V. Gordon Dillon 'Lea' x Ascda. Suksamran Spot
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Due to the big amount of orders we ship with certain delay. At the moment it takes 2-4 weeks before parcel will be released. We are sorry for temporary inconvenience and doing our best to deliver plants safe, which is our priority. Do you want to visit us on a Saturday? Please make an appointment in advance via our request form.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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