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Paph. armeniacum Orchiata Super 18-25mm Neofinetia falcata 'Onami Seikai' Phal. gigantea x Mituo Sun Phal. Mituo Sun x P.(Ching Her Buddha x Mituo Sun) #1 Pot transparant 6cm Phal. (Sogo Shito-Zheng Min Muscadine) x LD Double Dragon Phal. LD Sun Dragon  MO98 x Mituo Reflex Dragon Phal. Zheng Min Chameleon Cattleya Empress of Mercury Phal. (Sogo Manager - Tzu Chiang Balm) x Zheng Min Anaconda Phal. Zheng Min Cygnus Sedirea japonica Minmaru Shima Paph. maudiae Femma Phal. schilleriana 'LA Flora' x schilleriana 'Lupas" Phal. Timothy Christopher Phal. Joy Spring Canary 'Yaphon'' Phal. Mituo Reflex Dragon 'Blue -2' AM/AOS Phal. Mituo Princess 'YR-10' Angulocaste 'Red Jewel'
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